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Guangzhou Tinder 2014 animal husbandry industry preferred brand selection online voting hurricane




Guangzhou Tinder 2014 animal husbandry industry preferred brand selection online voting hurricane

Company news
2018/12/18 15:42
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Dreams are the driving force and direction of brand development; dignity is the basis for brands to win respect. By 2014, China's livestock industry has entered a new era of development, and Guangzhou Tiandi has continued to grow and grow in its rapid 
Dreams are the driving force and direction of brand development; dignity is the basis for brands to win respect. By 2014, China's livestock industry has entered a new era of development, and Guangzhou Tiandi has continued to grow and grow in its rapid development, constantly exploring and innovating. In the past 19 years, Guangzhou Tiandi has developed more than 80 series of more than 400 varieties of feed and grain machinery products with superior performance, and built more than 900 feed complete sets of projects, of which more than 60 sets are exported to Thailand and Indonesia. Countries such as Vietnam and Vietnam have found a breakthrough with the characteristics of heaven and earth. Today, Guangzhou Tiandi carries all the dreams of the founding fathers of enterprises, and gradually establishes its own brand in the feed machinery industry, realizing the brand dream of heaven and earth.
From 1995 to 2014,
19 years of wind and rain,
How hard and how hard it is.
The nineteen-year era has entered,
All the way to sing, all the way to forge ahead.
  This is a true portrayal of the hard work of Guangzhou Tiandi in the past 19 years. Nineteen years is a colorful history of entrepreneurship; 19 years is a passionate and heroic struggle history; 19 years is a history of reform and innovation 19 years, it is a history of blood and sweat achieved by a brand dream.
“China Dream·Brand Dream” 2014 animal husbandry industry user preference brand event voting officially started! From now on, you can log in to the “China Dream·Brand Dream” 2014 Livestock Industry User Preferred Brand Selection Website (http://pinpai.saier360.com/xumu) or Baidu Search “Animal Brand Selection” in the “Voting Zone” column. In the “users preferred the top ten brands of the most innovative spirit in the livestock industry” and “users preferred top ten livestock machinery brands”, they cast a valuable vote for Guangzhou Tiandi! Picking up the mouse and gently tapping it is our greatest trust and support.
Selection tips:
Online voting: 30% of total weight
1. Online voting: PC or mobile phone login to the official website of the event, check the company's detailed introduction on the candidate company page, vote through the voting button; for the same brand, each IP address is limited to one vote per day.
100,000 offline surveys: 40% of total weight
1. Xaar professional journal questionnaire
2. Survey of the summit forum and other industry exhibitions and seminars
3. Using Xaar's rich data resources, select users directly mailed questionnaires to 100 experts to vote for the jury: 25% of the total weight of the experts. The jury is composed of experts, industry veterans, and enterprise experts to participate in the final judging vote. Media voting: total weight 5%
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