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Warriors Of Heaven And Earth

——To fellow soldiers in heaven and earth


My dear comrades in arms, heroes of heaven and earth:

  Welcome you to the hall of heroes-Guangzhou heaven and earth, you will be here to achieve your heroundefineds age, refine your life, but also congratulate heaven and earth more than one hero. For heaven and earth: you are our comrade in arms and a solid guardian of heaven and earth. We are like-minded, self-improvement, rising heroes of the times!

  Human being exists between heaven and earth should be amazing action, heaven and earth man pursues the value: "Life is a struggle process"; Life without struggle is a life in vain, that person is a walking corpse, if you are not ready to struggle, please leave, heaven and earth only self-improvement, there is no promise; we long for heroes, we refuse mediocrity and cowards! For heaven and earth desire to be heroes!

  The hero has a pattern, the pattern is the breadth and depth of the mind, the world is a childish child, she has due shortcomings and defects, she needs time, she needs to grow, This requires you, as a hero, to take care of your great mother with her heart and love!

   Heroes have dreams, dreams are the summons of the heart; we must pursue and pursue faithfully, strive and realize unswervingly; No dream of life is small, is poor, you are not small, poor people, you are a hero, you are the hero of heaven and earth!

  Heroes have great love, great love is to love heaven; parents, customers is our day, we want to make parents proud of having children like us, we must continue to create maximum value for our customers (internal / external) as their duty; We should respect each other, cooperate with each other, love all over the world!

  Heaven and earth is a ship in the sea of commerce, if you are a thief, then heaven and earth is a thief boat; if you are a brave sailor, heaven and earth is a ship of war, the stage of life is made by oneself, and heaven and earth is made by you; Believe in heaven and earth that you will not live like a thief, steal your own time, steal your life, steal your achievements, steal the success of heaven and earth!

  Believe that you are their master, believe that you are a hero, heaven and earth for you to build a heroic platform, you will overcome the platform, beyond self, self-achievement!


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