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Make excellent equipment, build high-quality engineering, let customers produce high-quality feed at low processing cost, promote the development of feed industry.

Honesty and Credit: continuing value    |    Quality: value    |     Services: value added    |     Innovation: delivering valu



Heaven and earth adhering to the purpose of love, mutual assistance and mutual love between people, departments and departments of close coordination, customer value is always rooted in the heart. Return to customers with sincere love: continue to create maximum value for customers; give back to society with great love: production of excellent equipment, construction of high-quality projects to promote the development of the feed industry.

assumed liabilities·realized value

Human values of heaven and earth


Responsibility: positive, active, willing to assume, undertake is a spirit; responsibility is the most basic professional ethics, responsibility carries opportunities, responsibility produces value and mission! People in heaven and earth take responsibility in their heart: 1 responsible to themselves: unity of words and deeds, achievement of the future; 2 responsible to the company: positive, active, willing to assume responsibility; 3 responsible to customers: to provide perfect products and services, to enhance customer value; Responsible for the society: to make excellent equipment, build high-quality projects, promote the development of Chinaundefineds feed industry.

Value realization: responsibility, opportunity, destiny is proportional, positive, active, willing to assume responsibility, create opportunities, grasp destiny, achieve life. Heaven and Man undertake the responsibility, realize the customer value, realize the leap of self-value at the same time.

Case [Responsibility, Value]

It's been three years since I worked in the company, and I've been promoted more than my colleagues since then. But I'm still in the same place. It's not very interesting.

Finally one day, at the risk of being dismissed, I found the boss's theory: "Boss, have I ever been late, left early or violated the rules and regulations?" I asked.

The boss simply answered "No".

"Is that the company biased against me?" The boss was shocked and then said, "Of course not."

"Why is it that people who are junior to me can be reused while I've been in insignificant positions?"

The boss was silent for a moment, then laughed and said, "We'll talk about your business later. I have an urgent matter on hand. Would you like to help me deal with it first?"

A customer is going to come to the company to inspect the product status. The boss asked me to contact them and ask when to come.

"That's an important task." Before going out, I don't forget to make fun of it.

A quarter of an hour later, I went back to my boss's office.

"Are you in touch?" The boss asked. "Yes, they said they might come next week." "What day is next week?" The boss asked. "I didn't ask that in detail." "How many of them are there?" "Ah! You didn't ask me to ask that!" "Are they traveling by train or by plane?" "You didn't ask me to ask that!"

The boss said nothing more. He called Zhu Zheng to come over. Zhu Zheng arrived at the company one year later than I did. Now he is in charge of a department. He has received the same task as I did just now. After a while, Zhu Zheng came back.

"Oh, that's it..." Zhu Zheng answered, "They are flying at 3 p.m. next Friday. They will arrive at about 6 p.m. They are five people, led by Manager Wang of the Purchasing Department. I told them that our company will send someone to meet them at the airport.

In addition, they plan to inspect for two days and discuss the specific itinerary later. In order to facilitate their work, I suggest that they be placed in a nearby international hotel. If you agree, I will book the rooms in advance tomorrow.

Also, I will keep in touch with the weather forecast for next week when it rains, and I will report to you whenever the situation changes.

After Zhu Zheng went out, the boss patted me and said, "Now let's talk about your question."

"No, I already know why. I'm bothering you. "

I suddenly understand that no one is born to take on a big responsibility. It starts with simple and ordinary things. What kind of label you put on yourself today may decide whether you will be entrusted with an important task tomorrow.

Competence gap directly affects the efficiency of work. Any company urgently needs those employees who work actively, actively and responsibly.

Excellent employees often do not wait passively for others to arrange work, but take the initiative to understand what they should do, and then go all out to complete.

Active, initiative, courageous to assume responsibility, to achieve a better life.


Create maximum value for customers