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The company has more than 360 employees, including more than 160 professional technicians in mechanical design and manufacturing, feed processing technology, industrial and civil construction, electrical automation, computer application, animal science, aquaculture, food engineering, marketing, etc. Tiandi has strong market development and service, product development and manufacturing, project management and delivery capabilities. The company has advanced processing and testing equipment, such as high-power imported plasma CNC cutting machine, CNC machining center, laser cutting machine. The company has developed more than 80 series of more than 400 varieties of feed and grain machinery products with superior performance. It can undertake all kinds of feed turnkey projects from ordinary livestock and poultry feed to high-grade aquatic products.
Careful design, exquisite manufacturing, fine construction, all-round service and the long-term adherence to the concept of “continuously creating maximum value for customers” have enabled Tiandi to win long-term recognition and good social reputation. Zhengda Group, Hope Group, Wenshi Group, Nanbao Group, Haida Group, Guangdong Group, Tiankang Group, Zhonghui Group and many other well-known domestic and foreign enterprise groups have become long-term partners of Tiandi, and Tiandi has built 900 for them. Multiple feed sets. More than 60 sets of complete sets of equipment are exported to Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Australia, Japan and other countries.


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