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Recruitment management regulations
1.0 Purpose:
Establish fair and equitable standards for recruitment and recruitment of human resources, accurately select and rationally use talents, effectively provide and supplement qualified personnel, fill vacancies in various organizational departments of the company, ensure the normal operation of the company, develop well, and achieve the company's expected business objectives. Specific management regulations.
2.0 Scope of application:
Applicable to the control of recruitment, selection, and recruitment of human resources required by the company.
3.0 Responsibility and authority
3.1 Employer department
3.1.1 Pre-argument on the recruitment of personnel.
3.1.2 The presentation of the needs of the department.
3.1.3 New staff "job manual" preparation.
3.1.4 Participate in the recruitment of structured interview questions and the design of the written test questions library.
3.1.5 Verification and specific assessment of the professional qualities and skills of the interviewers during the recruitment process.
3.1.6 Assimilate new employees.
3.2 General Management Department
3.2.1 Recruitment needs review.
3.2.2 Recruitment plan development, organization and implementation and effect monitoring.
3.2.3 The examination and specific evaluation of the overall quality, morality and values ​​of the employed personnel.
3.2.4 Review the recruitment work from time to time.
3.2.5 Responsible for the formulation, revision and interpretation of these management regulations.
3.3 General Manager
3.3.1 Approval of the annual recruitment plan.
3.3.2 Make final decisions on the employment of supervisors (including engineers) and above.
4.0 Terms and Definitions
4.1 Replenishment: refers to personnel supplements that meet the staffing requirements, such as resignation supplements, job vacancies, etc.
4.2 Increased staff: refers to the situation in which the employer's needs exceed the current staffing level, new positions, personnel reserves, etc. that do not meet the current staffing requirements.
5.0 Content
5.1 Recruit


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