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Rotary classification screen failure solution

Reasons for the heating of triangular tape: 1. Improper tightness of the tape, 2. Damage to the belt groove of the pulley or the surface is too rough...

Solution to the failure of pulse dust collector

The powder content of the air outlet is too high, the dust resistance increases and continues to rise, and the pressure of the air storage bag is low...

What's wrong with the reverse spraying of the expanded soybean material?

The dampness of the material that is tempered with too much steam is not conducive to the transportation of the material in the expansion cavity, and the quality of the steam is controlled...

What are the reasons for ring die rupture?

1. The thickness of the ring die is too thin and the strength decreases 2. The ring die is forcibly squeezed in by hard objects during operation (such as metal objects such as bearing balls falling in the granulating chamber) 3. The gap adjustment of the roll die is too small 4. The clamping surface of the ring die is severely worn, and the clamp ring is not tightly clamped or the clamp ring falls to the bottom will cause the flange to be damaged.
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