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Electrical Installation Director

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Weave the four tables of electrical installation plan and organize the implementation (installation schedule, equipment entry table, personnel/tool ​​configuration table);
  2. Promote the standardization of electrical installation (safety, quality, progress, technology) and the implementation of various management systems;
  3. Draw the electrical installation drawing according to the equipment layout;
  4. According to the electrical installation diagram, count the bridges and cables and make a BOM list;
  5. Apply for the procurement plan and organize delivery according to the electrical installation plan and BOM list;
  6. Provide the layout of Party A's low-voltage power distribution room, the layout of the central control room and the cable scheme.

job requirements:

  1. College degree or above, major in mechatronics;
  2. Proficiency in EPLAN, CAD software, holding electrician certificate;
  3. More than 3 years experience in mechatronics design, more than 3 years work experience in electrical installation, more than 2 years management experience in the same position.