What's wrong with the reverse spraying of the expanded soybean material?


1. The moisture of the material that is quenched and tempered with excessive steam moisture is not conducive to the transportation of the material in the expansion cavity, and the quality of the steam is controlled.
2. The crushing fineness is too fine. Under normal circumstances, use ¢2.5 or ¢3.0 sieve for crushing. If it is too fine, there is no friction and it is not conducive to transportation in the cavity.
3. The discontinuous supply of materials in the bulking warehouse will cause back spray, and the problem of warehouse arching should be solved.
4. The gap between the tapered tightening bolt and the discharge die is too small, and the gap should be adjusted appropriately.Usually, the screw plug of the discharge die will reverse about three turns after being tightened in place.
5. The imported two single screw heads are installed incorrectly, and its diameter should be smaller than the middle double screw head and the discharge double screw head.
6. The screw head is installed in the wrong direction or the pressure ring configuration structure is unreasonable, re-adjust it.
7. The inner wall of the feed cavity has serious material accumulation (the position is at the front end of the first section of the pressure ring), and it should be disassembled and cleaned.
8. The entire puffing cavity and the screw head are not cleaned or cleaned after a long time of production.
9. The wearing parts such as the screw head and the expansion cavity are seriously worn out, and the back spray is caused by not replacing in time.

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