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How does puffed soybean meal appear counter-spray is a responsibility?




How does puffed soybean meal appear counter-spray is a responsibility?

2019/04/26 10:29
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Too much steam moisture out of the material is not conducive to the material in the expansion chamber, control the quality of steam.
1. The moisture of the material conditioned by excessive steam moisture is not conducive to the material conveying in the expansion chamber and the quality control of the steam.
2. The grinding fineness is too fine. Normally, grinding with 2.5 or 3.0 sieve is not conducive to conveying in the cavity without friction.
3. The problem of warehouse arching should be solved when the material supply of bulging warehouse arch is discontinuous and the reverse spraying is caused.
4. The clearance between the conical tightening bolt and the discharging die is too small, and the clearance should be adjusted properly. Usually, the discharging die bolt is turned around three times after being tightened in place.
5. The diameter of the imported two single screw heads should be smaller than that of the intermediate and discharged twin screw heads.
6. Re-adjust the configuration of screw head reverse or pressure ring.
7. The inner wall of the feeding chamber is heavily agglomerated (located at the front of the first pressure ring), so it should be disassembled and cleaned up.
8. The whole expansion chamber and the screw head have not been cleaned or cleaned after a long period of production.
9. The screw head and expansion chamber are worn seriously, and the reverse injection is caused by the failure to replace them in time.
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