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Powder Cleaning Sieve

Product Description:

High efficiency, stable operation, small footprint

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  • Performance characteristics

    1. High efficiency, stable operation and small footprint;

    2. The installation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the screen cylinder is easy to replace;

    3. Break or remove the lump-shaped materials to effectively ensure the quality of the feed;

    4. It is used in the cleaning of mixed materials in feed factories, especially suitable for the removal of oil masses from concentrated materials.

    The main technical parameters


    Model TDSQY60×50 TDSQY90×80


    5.5 11

    Rotor Speed

    400 275

    Impurity Removal Efficiency

    ≥95% ≥95%

    Production Capacity

    10-15 25-30

    Screen Bucket Size

    (Big end × small end × length)(mm)

    Φ600×Φ500×800 Φ900×Φ800×1100

    Feeding screw outer diameter size(mm)

    270 325


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