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Plane Rotary Screen

Product Description:

The special balance method is adopted, the vibration is small, and the imported SKF bearing is used for low noise and smooth operation.

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  • Performance characteristics

    1. Stable and reliable work;

    2. Quick press screen structure, quick and easy replacement of the screen;

    3. The special balance method is adopted for low vibration, and imported SKF bearings are used for low noise and stable operation;

    4. Combining the characteristics of circular motion, elliptical motion and reciprocating linear motion, the output is large, the screening efficiency is high, and the dynamic consumption is small.

    The main technical parameters

    Model TDHFS100 TDHFS125 TDHFS150 TDHFS180

    Screen size(mm)

    1000×2130 1250×2400 1500×2800 1800×3200

    Number of layer

    3 3 3 3

    Size of hole(Mesh)

    The upper sieve is 2 mesh, the middle sieve is 6 mesh, and the lower sieve is 12 mesh


    2.2 3 4 5.5


    10 15 20 30


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